Department of Earth and Space Science
Univeristy of Washington
Seattle, Washington


I am Danqiu Chen(Pronunciation: "Dan-Chiou", and my Chinese name is 陈丹丘).
I have a broad interest in ancient atmosphere and environmental geochemistry. Particularly, My research interests mainly includes

  • Atmosphere evolution of Precambrian
  • Carbon cycle at Archean and Neoproterozoic
  • Low temperature isotopic reactive transport models (RTMs)

  • I am currently a PhD student at UW in the Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences and Astrobiology program, working with Prof. David Catling. I receive my bachelor's degree in Geochemistry at Peking University, 2021.
    At PKU, I was advised by Porf. Huiming Bao on my undergraduate research program since 2019, working on O-17 depletion event recorded by global barite at post-Marinoan Snowball Earth Event. My undergraduate thesis adviosr is Dr. Ming Tang, and I mainly used Eu anomalies from a bunch of subduction volcanic rocks to simulate feldspar crystallization depth at convergent boundaries globally. I also visited Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Science in 2020, advised by Prof. Yunzhao Wu, mainly working on lunar surface minerals identification.